Designing Electronics for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Trusted Experience

Have a great idea for a new product but need some help with the electronics? Are you stuck needing a component or circuit board they don't make anymore? We have been engineering custom products for over 20 years. Let us take care of the technical stuff so you can relax!

From our clients...

“It’s been a long time since I've worked on a board that hasn't required any rework. Good work!”

-Jamie Risk, Spartan Bioscience Inc.

Design Services

With a host of projects behind us, we can offer a wide range of services to provide you with what you need. Many companies specialise in one area, limiting what you can do with their services and leaving you shopping around for someone to complete the next part of your design. Naroch understands how inconvenient and painful it can be to piece your product together like a puzzle. That's why we offer complete design services from hardware design and firmware, to prototyping and guidance in gaining the regulatory approvals neccessary to market your product. So whether you're looking for a holistic design service, or just need help with a layout, regulatory approvals, or re-work to update an existing product, Naroch has the solution!